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Active Breakpoint in Red

Activate to set all your active breakpoints (except the desktop base breakpoint) to red as an alert to your peripheral vision as a visual reminder you are not on developing on the base breakpoint.

Working with multiple breakpoints in Webflow can be challenging, even for experts like myself. It's easy to lose track of which breakpoint you're editing, leading to unintended design changes and extra work. To address this common frustration, AidKit for Webflow introduces the 'Active Breakpoint in Red', a simple yet useful feature that keeps you oriented at all times.

Designing across different breakpoints is crucial for responsive design, but it's also easy to forget whether you're working on the base breakpoint or an alternate one. This can lead to significant time wasted in redesigns and adjustments, especially if changes intended for one breakpoint inadvertently affect others.

AidKit for Webflow's feature turns you active breakpoint to red to highlight them for your vision. Whenever you're working on a non-base breakpoint, this feature highlights the active breakpoint in red. This vivid visual cue serves as an instant reminder of your current editing context, ensuring that you’re always aware of which breakpoint you're modifying.


  1. Visual Clarity: The red highlight provides a clear, unmistakable indication, reducing errors and confusion.
  2. Efficiency Boost: Save time and effort by avoiding unnecessary redesigns due to breakpoint mix-ups.
  3. Enhanced Workflow: Streamline your design process with this intuitive and helpful visual aid.

With the Active Breakpoint Highlighter, AidKit for Webflow brings a new level of clarity and control to your design workflow. This feature empowers you to work confidently across different breakpoints, ensuring your designs are responsive and accurate every step of the way. Keep updated with AidKit for Webflow by giving us a follow on 𝕏 and learn more about our features!