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Edit the Designer Interface Color

Use the drop down to pick and change the color of the Webflow Designer! From the defult dark mode, to other new colors... light mode will be coming soon.

With recent changes to Webflow's design interface during there rebranding, the designer got more dark, and many users have expressed a desire for more control over the background color. AidKit for Webflow introduces the new feature to change the designer color, a feature that brings personalization and comfort back into your design environment.

Webflow's recent update to a darker interface has sparked a debate among users and I have been following the forum, it appears webflow is beta testing some kind of update for 3 variants to the dark color, however people find the contrast too harsh and miss the previous lighter background. This difference in preference highlights the need for a more flexible and customizable design interface.

AidKit's Designer Color Customizer offers a variety of background color options for the Webflow designer including the original much loved lighter designer color:

  • Classic Light: A throwback to the original, lighter background color for those who prefer a softer look.
  • Soothing Blue & Purple: For a more personalized touch, choose from calming shades of blue or purple.
  • Energizing Green: A vibrant green option for those who want an invigorating workspace.
  • Crisp White (Light Mode): For maximum brightness and clarity, switch to a white background.


  1. Enhanced Comfort: Choose a background color that's easy on your eyes, reducing strain during long design sessions.
  2. Increased Productivity: A personalized workspace can boost your mood and efficiency.
  3. User-Centric Design: Reflecting AidKit's commitment to user preferences and ergonomic design.

The Designer Color Customizer in AidKit for Webflow is more than just an aesthetic choice; it's about providing a workspace that adapts to your personal needs and preferences. Dive into a design environment that feels right for you. Love this feature? Follow us 𝕏 for more updates!