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SEO Text Length Indicator

Activate to get instant feedback on the lenght of your text inputs. The indicator shows whether your content is too short, just right, or too long.

After building a character count, I realized that is not enoguh, how will people know how to get the perfect balance for what is considered best practice in text length for SEO. Too short, and you might miss valuable search engine ranking opportunities. Too long, and your content could lose its impact. AidKit for Webflow brings a solution to this dilemma with the SEO Text Length Indicator; A tool that offers instant feedback on the length of your text inputs.

This feature is a real-time guide for your content creation process. Whether you're crafting a meta description or a title tag, the SEO Text Length Indicator provides visual feedback of the status of your length.

Here’s all the different indicators and what they mean for your content:

  • Incomplete: You've just started, and there's more to add.
  • Too Short: Needs more content to meet SEO standards.
  • Short: Getting there, but could use a bit more substance.
  • Optimal: Good length, but there's room for perfection.
  • Best: Excellent length, hitting key SEO targets.
  • Thumbs Up: The ideal balance – you’ve nailed it!
  • Long: A bit over the ideal length, consider trimming.
  • Too Long: Excessively lengthy, needs significant editing.


  1. Instant Feedback: No more second-guessing. Get real-time indicators as you type.
  2. SEO Efficiency: Helps you adhere to best practices effortlessly, enhancing your content's search engine performance.
  3. User-Friendly: Designed for both beginners and seasoned SEO professionals, making content optimization accessible to all.

With the SEO Text Length Indicator, AidKit for Webflow empowers you to create perfectly balanced SEO content every time. This tool takes the guesswork out of SEO content creation, making it simpler, faster, and more effective. Follow us on 𝕏 as we continue to unveil more features that make AidKit for Webflow a handy tool for Webflow users!